Good News!

“Gospel” sometimes seems like such a misunderstood word.  When I think “gospel,” I don’t automatically start thinking of the “good news” that it actually is.  I think of gospel music, extremely enthusiastic evangelists, extremely turned-off non-converters, and then eventually I’ll make my way over to its original meaning.

So let’s go back to the good news. I think that way too often, we feel like remembering and rejoicing that God loved us enough to give someone else, His Son!, the terrible punishment of death that we deserved, is just for beginners.  It’s the sort of thing you discuss when you first become a Christian.

But the gospel should be radiating through our everyday lives. Why am I striving to be in the world but not of it?  Why am I striving to please my Lord?  Why is He my Lord?  I think that for me, the answer is “because I love Him,” and then it ends there.  Well, why do I love Him?  Because He first loved me.  How do I know that?  He took my punishment so that I can be forgiven and so that I can have fellowship with the King of all kings for all eternity.

That’s pretty huge.  But somehow we forget.

Certain things will make me super happy no matter how many times I’ve heard or seen them.  Shouldn’t the gospel be one of those things?  It’s truly the best thing I’ve heard.

“I love you- I’ve always loved you… I just forgot.  But I know I’ll never forget again,” a character in a popular movie once said.  He knew that he would never forget again because he had almost lost the one he loved, and he was given a second chance.

We too, have been given a second chance.  God loves us, and He doesn’t forget.  That’s pretty good news, don’t you think?

So let’s remind ourselves often of the best news we’ve ever heard.  Let’s never forget the source of our love and our hope.

Feel free to take a look at my “Good News” tab in the upper right corner, or find your own way to preach the gospel to yourself, or rather, to cheer over what is truly the best news in all of history and eternity.


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