Gratitude List

I am thankful for…

1.)  my relationship with my amazing, beautiful, incredible, holy, eternal God

6.) my church family

7.) my friendships outside of the church

12.) beauty

20.) love

29.) smiles

36.) Relient K

37.) C.S. Lewis

42.) waking up this morning alive and well, with Your spirit within me

61.) learning from my pain and my mistakes

66.) the way I am so very easily amused and made happy.

67.) long car rides with my friends

76.) people who are talented in things that I am not

83.) the complex infrastructure known as the female mind

88.) hugs from children that are really them just wrapping their arms around your knees

97.) that there are people whose arms I can run into and feel completely at home

105.) hymns

106.) elegance

118.) successful marriages

119.) having laughed so hard that I’ve cried

136.) jumping, safely, off of really high things, so that you almost feel like you’re flying

152.) apple muffins.  and blueberry muffins.

158.) sentences that you can’t finish because you’re laughing so hard

166.) that I haven’t been desensitized a very great deal; that I can still cry over Beth’s death in Little Women and be horrified by graphic violence

179.) feeling beautiful

194.) that strength is found in weakness, peace in incompleteness; that beauty can be found in the broken; that ashes can shine like chrome

200.) being able to look at the future, see only murkiness, and know that my Best Friend knows *exactly* what is going to happen and that He is working it all

203.) that I tried to stop making this list at 200, but couldn’t resist continuing

207.) my family who’s not really my biological family, but may as well be

223.) prayer- that we can talk to God

These are just a few excerpts from a “Gratitude List” that I keep.  I just sat down one day and wrote down everything that I could think of that I was thankful for, and the list just kept growing and growing.  I really encourage you to make your own!  It’s something wonderful to look back on, and add to, from time to time.  How blessed we are because of Christ!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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