My days have been absolutely crazy, so I’m going to have to keep this post short, but I want to get one thing across: Valentine’s Day is a holiday.  Holidays, by no official definition that I’m aware of, are days to be happy, celebratory, or at the very least, relaxed.  (My personal exception to this is, of course, Halloween.  I can’t help having extraordinarily low fear tolerance.  I suppose I need to take my own advice and find a way to think of the day more positively.  Stay tuned for this October.)

Valentine’s Day in particular is so easily surrounded with drama.   Is he going to do such-and-such?  Will she like this or is it too cliché? Why am I the only person in the world (the hyperbole seems real at the time) that isn’t in a relationship?

One of the nice things about holidays, however, is that they’re not really about us (unless you consider your birthday a holiday).  They’re often commemorating someone or something else, and encourage giving and appreciating.  In fact, that’s a large part of what we’re called to as Christians- thinking of others before ourselves and giving.  So why should Valentine’s Day be different?

This year, I’m focusing my appreciation on my absolutely wonderful mother.


Mumsy, you’re such a huge encouragement to me and know me ridiculously well enough to help me even when I don’t ask for it.  The older I get, the more I realize all that you’ve done for me, from driving me all over the place to funding multiple retreats and camps to letting me keep you up way past your ridiculously early bedtime to talk in a very awake tone about just about everything.


It is an incredible, incredible blessing to have you as my mother.  You have been such a great demonstration of Christ’s love- forgiving me and cherishing me even when I’m quite a mess or talking about certain nerdy topics more than anyone ever wanted to hear.  I love you so much.  As I increasingly realize that I’m turning into you in a lot of ways (note the facts that so many of my Facebook pictures remind you of you and that I’ve started inadvertently acting as a salesperson in Trader Joe’s), I’m so honored to have such a godly, beautiful woman as my mommy.  Happy early Valentine’s Day!


For more of my Valentine’s Day thoughts, check out last year’s post.  Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and don’t hesitate to truly wish (or create!) one for others!


2 thoughts on “Mumsy.

    • ❤ I was going to ask you if you cried, because I did! I was minding my own business and writing and next thing I knew, I was getting all teary.

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